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What expects me on this Internet side? And what's the hell is a "Freiberger" ???

As a passionate fan of the race of the Freiberger I want to make information available about this horse race. Without wanting to bring other races in discredit, is the from Switzerland originating Freiberger for  many leisurerider and leisuredriver such an easygoing horse, whereby already by the choice of this horse race many problems of humans in handling the horse, could be substantially more easily be mastered.



Freiberger are almost unknown in Germany. Unfortunately! These sides are to contribute the fact that the Freiberger in Germany attains a larger publicity and by the increased use of this Allrounder and family horse more and more genuine, fulfilled people-horse relations are developed. From my point of view the Freiberger in Germany can become a realy Hype, because this is actually exactly the horses, which a leisure rider wishes himself: Cool, easygoing, durably, problem-free, simply stress-free! Already in the rearing these characteristics are particularly breeded. In the field test, a performance evaluation for 3-year-olds (up to now only in Switzerland), is built Interieur and achievement beside Exterieur, completely consciously a leaving with, both when riding, as well as when driving, so that a future owner of a Freibergers can also judge due to the field test result whether the horse corresponds also to these characteristics desired from the breed.

The idea for this side resulted from a discussion with my breeder Köbi. Horses from Switzerland are shifted to other countries not problem-free because of customs clearance and export taxes. Therefore we began with a co-operation to adjust its sales horses completely “declared” in order to save to the horse buyers the whole customs formalities.

Further you experience here somewhat over our trainings, courses and offers with horses, which we do not naturally only offer for Freiberger horses. 

From therefore this is both an information page, since I stand with heart blood behind the race of the Freiberger, on the other hand is it also a commercial “advertisement” - side, where I tries to make e.g. something money with my hobby also (to buy better stuff for my carriage e.g.) 

Sunny greetings

Michael Möhrle and team

P.S. We are pleased also about feedback and suggestions to this side