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The race

The Freiberger originating from Switzerland is compact, square durable horses, the last representatives light cold blood in Europe. The back is short and load-carrying. On the strong neck a expressionful, noble head sits. The weight amounts to between 450 and 650 kg.

High readiness to perform, a calm character, reliability, learning willingness and very good people purchase distinguish the typical Freiberger.  To emphasize the sensitivity with completely many Freibergern, which is not assumed first times at all at a cold blood race, is. That is connected however again with the people referringness this race, a Freiberger wants gladly in the team to work. This offers almost all possibilities to a good horse owner of interacting with the horse. If it comes however into bad or ignorant hands, can develop because of this characteristic also much at false communication.

Freiberger are the Allround horses for the ambitionierten leisure rider/driver. Beside the classical riding horse the Freiberger also ideal a Westernpferd delivers. Whether at the Kutsche or unterm saddle, there is relying horses! (I stress it specially expressly: A Freiberger is definitely by nature a relying horse, but then only if he has a clear guidance. That you do not think, that is automatically like that. With the Freiberger the guidance is to be attained however uncomplicatedly as with other horses. And here you have then really a friend für's lives)

Despite the outstanding fundamental character characteristics of the race of the Freibergers that it is primarily “horse”, thus exactly the same an escape animal may not be forgotten like all other races and that naturally within the race different characteristics is differently strongly pronounced.

A Freiberger frightens at gruseligen things exactly the same as full blood. However it makes then often only one sentence, where other horses look for width. 

Good, consistent guidance needs a Freiberger likewise like every other horse. Otherwise he will take over the guidance, what for each horse normal and survive necessary is.

So are absolutely not all Freiberger beginner horses! Each horse, also the most good-natured, can be versaut by the owner, however the tolerance limit and good-naturedness are very highly put with the Freiberger, so that errors of the owner are forgiven and as with no other horse a rockers on the common denominator are outstanding possible.