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Which horse fits me?

If the decision is fallen to take up a horse with itself the worst comes!!!

Who is accompaniening me the next 25 years???


With the horse purchase you should not pay attention to the price. It is useful to you nothing and becomes you possibly only problems prepares, if you buy a horse only, because it is so cheap. The horse must fit you! And we help you and advise you honestly, because we would like to see primarily a lucky horse people relationship and not a thick purse.

They will have to spend a multiple of the purchase price in the course of the horse life only on the care and accommodation, I estimate times around the 60,000 euro, if the horse is healthy. The same by the way applies to saddles, buys it to its horse the saddle, which fits. On the horse life converted you also a measure-made saddle costs only 70 euro per year. 

The horses, which I offer to you here for the sales, are in the middle to upper price segment of the Freiberger.

The cause is however not a maximization of profit, but the very high expenditure, which was invested in the raising, care and education of the horses. Until the horse is with you, it was already prepared with care for its new task.

- Up to 9 month it remains in Switzerland with its nut/mother
- In the time it already runs along as youngster with the nut/mother at the Kutsche
- Afterwards it comes on a mixed foal pasture into France
- the Hengstfohlen is at this time put
- with approx. 2.5 years the training in Switzerland begins
- After an acclimatizing time driving begins, first with two horses beside
- Afterwards they begin with riding lessons
- Changing accommodation with other breeders, in order to prepare the horses for changes
- If we think they reach good notes, lets go to the field test

Not one horse comes in the field test below 7 of max. 9 points! The average is at 8 points. A leaving, both contained when riding, is in the field test as well as when driving, e.g. spray doses, umbrellas, tarpaulins etc. I offer here to you no battle horses without correct training, bought cheaply in Switzerland, (often the field test is withheld and referred to the horse passport, in which is located: “Field test existed”) for expensive money on, but that are horses, into the heart blood was invested.

Therefore we expect also from a buyer that it considers itself exactly before the purchase, for which it the horse to begin want. Only then we can you correctly advise and to you the dream horse recommend, which fits you.

The education of the horse is a continuous process. It received from us top trained horses, in order to hold or further develop it however on the standard, requires it a consistent guidance, as varied an work offer and a demand of the horses as possible.

It must be conscious you that a lot takes time up.

Since it concerns to us both your well-being, as well as the well-being of the horse, we are thought you and the horses with you to visit, not as control, but as aftercare and service offer. Because also after the purchase we are to you with “advice and act” at the disposal. 

With interest in a horse you take up please contact with us.